'Five point someone' – Chetan Bhagat

Just picked up this novel about a week ago and started reading it!

This is the first novel of chetan bhagat..an iit/iim ahd graduate…who became an author after 11 years of private sector service in hong kong.I would not say it is completely american writing style…but there is an influence and american slangs being used..it is not writing ‘english’ english. With the impact of American multi media is being over-powering we find use of slangs in the current generation’s speech too. I saw the movie 3 idiots starring aamir khan, the maestro in acting/ emoting and what not? Also came to know it is based on this novel..i am yet to find out the truth… though i think it is loosely based on the novel and that’s all!

Acting and multi media make all the difference for success of the movie… definitely Cinema and television’s influence is much more than newspapers or any novel..

Recently, I was watching ‘Indiana Jones and the raiders of lost ark’ with my son at home..seeing again after many years. Now, the special effects of this movie can be never be explained or depicted in writing! I do not understand how writing and movie can compete or copy each other. Let’s talk about the Richard Attenborough’s movie on ‘Gandhi’ …can anyone ask credit to be given to his autobiography? There is absolutely no reason to give it too! In fact, more people bought the autobiography ( i read it after seeing the movie) after the movie was made. I think chetan bhagat should be happy more copies… are moving off the shelves now!! Can anybody tell aamir how to act through a novel? Absurd to fight over credits! The screenplay written for the movie is totally different from the story.

This book is westernized just like any other apism done of western culture...Neha coming to open the door to let Hari and her father in to her home …covered only by bedsheet and her father condones it..she asking Hari for a cigarette… Will all this happen in India?… Light reading and fictional. Could have been inspired by seeing his friends and rest is imagination.

Atlast ‘cool’ ( american way of expressing! ugh!! ) novel writing is coming of age in India too! Very economically priced at Rs 95!. just do not compare with established American novelists and you would be fine.


2 thoughts on “'Five point someone' – Chetan Bhagat

  1. i am torn about this ‘3 idiots’ should i spend a lot of money to watch it in theater? or wait for the DVD to come out and then rent it?

    • chetan is an aspiring ‘indian’ novelist so pl understand that he is NOT so accomplished writer as of now. but the movie is good because of aamir khan’s histrionics and the screenplay written is lot different from the story of chetan. worth watching with children..cool..

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