'Working with emotional intelligence' – Daniel Goleman

Quite sometime back, I have read this book that talks about EQ rather than IQ.

Daniel Goleman reveals the skills that matter more to succeed in growing competitive environment and the ability of individual to exist in groups depend on these skills…from entry level jobs to top executive positions.

According to him, the equations of winning are soon changing or have changed…wherein not intelligence but abilities like self-awareness, self-confidence, self control, commitment and integrity, ability to communicate and influence, to initiate and accept change – these competencies matter more.

Daniel Goleman has composed his book well with several incidents and examples ( like a case study, at times) to illustrate the presence or absence emotional intelligence in ‘new’ challenging situations. It sounds something similar to the ‘You can Win’ by Shiv khera listing down all requirements to succeed. In my opinion, the emotional quotient or intelligence quotient is developed right from childhood through up-bringing, environment, experiences, family values, inheritance of traits or strangely, at times one is born born with them. There could be only incremental changes in one’s thought process or behavior through reading books of self-help. Goleman’s book is definitely revealing enough that we are motivated to introspect into ourselves besides being a good read.


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