" Reading is growing amongst the new Generation"

If you had noticed, the book reading habits have grown amongst the new generation with the expanse of media exposure!

People can be seen reading at airport lounges, during a flight, in the metro trains ( subway ones) and at book stalls. Very close to my home, ‘Paperbacks’ book stall carries a wide range of books spanning management, fiction novels, self-help books, pertaining to geography as well as autobiographies. Books are also discussed ( exchanged too) among teenagers and college going kids. Also, there are greater number of authors who have taken to writing and publishing!

For me, the first impulse to read a book is curiosity. And yes, marketing is still lacking in promoting new authors! Publishers should not play safe and promote only established authors but they should rely on their distribution, sales focus, marketing! Well structured distribution set up can do wonders. There are capable authors who are not noticed due to limitations in sales and marketing of their books. Herein, i would recommend that the authors should promote themselves by creative efforts.

Of course, a book’s price and display definitely affects its sales. The fact that Chetan Bhagat’s books are reasonably priced ( at Rs 95 only), encouraged me to buy one. All the while during my childhood, i was attached to ‘book circulating libraries’ to read fiction novels, as i could not afford to buy new copies. And, i do not see anything wrong with that. But, these libraries have become extinct now with increasing ‘buying capacity’ among readers. They pick up the fresh new copies!!

Girls and women read more romance novels impressed by TDH ( Tall Dark handsome) characters playing their heroes in the novels. Women are very intelligent, but heart plays a major role in deciding to read ‘Mills & Boon’ novels. Even the tamil ‘ananda Vikatan’, ‘kumudham’ are bought by women reading ‘serial’ romantic stories written by well known authors.

Management students/ Graduates are eager to experience the case studies explained in the ‘management books’ that have grown in number! I like to read them too. These books serve as a good read to understand or build up strategies as they carry case studies.

Lastly, Children have started reading too! They are encouraged by the ‘New Age’ schools to read more and looking at their parents reading, they have also taken a liking to reading habits. Harry Porter, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton books are quite addictive and children run to the book stalls to buy them as soon as they are released.


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