Man management becomes essential!

people skils

I have come across many who are very brilliant in their job performance but lack in handling people. It is strange that the reverse is also true!

All it requires…. is patience and discrimination resulting in a desired behaviour to handle people. As a leader, it is quite expected from him to solve the problems in any given situation. Most often, there is resistance to any change and that results in complex situations. So, it is basically finding a way develop a skill to get work done despite the resistance. Easier said than done! In any MBA program, this is not taught!! Experience is the only teacher.

Let us take a simple situation…a bright MBA joins a new organisation and he is full of new ideas and is eager to implement them. But, he realises that there is a particular mind-set and organisational culture in the company which does not allow him to bring about a change. But it necessary to change? Herein, the power of discrimination comes in to play. There is a grouping among the employees and their resistance is difficult to break. In a situation like this, it is necessary to find a godfather ( better if he is a boss) and anchor himself. At the same time, the change should bring ‘extra’ value or profits in the system and definitely not reduce the existing profits.

At the same time, the decision has to be popular and well-accepted besides being effective. I have realised is better to give in… at times…as that brings about acceptance and it is easier to bring about a change while in the group than being out of the group. Every organisation has a hierarchy or no hierarchy situation…depending on its requirement. In a smaller organisation, the CEO or director would keep himself accessible to all so as to create a ‘open’ organisation having access to all information for himself. But, this is not the case in other organisations, as only select few have access to top management.

Temperament and job involvement also play a sufficient role in man management. It is building a one to one relationship with others..that develops trust! Any relationship is based on trust and confidence. Juniors need shelter while seniors expect trustworthiness, reliability or dependability. In all, man management needs emotionally equipped personality coupled with intelligence. And this factor of ‘man management’ is growing in its importance.


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