Computing in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is ON! Everyone is talking about it..and this was expected long time back…at least I realised long back that Microsoft will invade the internet space soon! ‘ When you use email applications like Hotmail or Gmail or when you use Google docs, instead of ‘grounded’ MS Word that is installed in your PC… are computing in the cloud. The cloud is only an array of servers in a remote location that host computing applifications. Like ‘Citrix’ thin-client computing?

IBM Servers were the first to introduce client-server relationship with ‘huge’ hard disk drives and dumb terminals. Soon, Citrix launched thin-client computing that connected terminals situated far from each other. Then, networking ensured ‘Network attached servers’ (NAS) as well as ‘Storage attached Network’ (SAN) come into existence. NAS was preferred over SAN for data security and user-centric features at remote terminals.

Microsoft will invade the internet space just as it did during the ‘personal computer’ era. Microsoft has announced that MS Office Applications 2010 will be internet based and by doing the same it will compete with Google docs. I have used Google docs which makes computing convenient and modular. All programming is Java based …the modular language. Expanding mobile communications has enabled mobile computing. Oracle has launched CRM on the net… competing with and companies like ramco systems and others like wipro launched e-ERP applications. Wipro failed as it could not ensure data- confidentiality. NO! they accept that they do not have the restricted usage facility! SAP has also launched ERP on the net but there is not sustained success.

We have to wait and watch particularly in the area of ‘internet security’. Can there be sustainable internet security before applications are internet based?

Just creating data webs may not be the only option to meet increasing needs…What say?


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