Resilience – thriving on Challenges and Stress!

In today’s time, in most sales related professions, there are no situations where stress is not felt. Even in a monopolistic market or say, in a niche market, there is a need to ‘retain’ certain percentage growth year on year. So, there is ‘self-induced’ pressure to develop new markets in a time bound fashion. And, creating markets is more difficult than catering to existing market. There is a resistance to change among buyers and this barrier is not so easy to overcome.

Resilience among sales professionals – is elasticity or toughness so that one does not break – this quality is required in any mission-based task. Mostly, this is the quality that helps in tiding over difficult market conditions that are beyond one’s control. Let us take a simple example of email correspondence – it is not unusual to be bombarded with huge number of mails in our in-box – sometimes 200 or 250 mails in a day!. And the first response is to reply to the essential ones…so, we set up folders, organise the mails received etc but this can be stressful if it is a every day task. It is stressful because there are other activities – meetings, client visits, conference – to attend to. If there is no resilience, the manager can lose control and pile up unattended tasks, create boredom due to inaction, finally resulting in failure.

The paradox of work life is that a situation can be seen by one person as devastating threat but by another as invigorating challenge. With right state of mind and acceptable level of emotions, what seems threatening can be taken as a challenge, and met with energy, enthusiasm and positive inclination. Stress by itself is nothing…it is how you take it that matters – it can become a good stress – which motivate us or it can be bad stress – that can paralyse us and put us in a state of inaction. But, if one is resilient, situation can remain in his control or else he would be controlled by the situation and will become quite helpless.

But, each one has his own balance point or threshold level – strength of his resilience – where his motivation is peak, mood is positive and ability to think is optimal. This balance point is not or cannot be standardized and it varies with each individual. Human physical body as a resource is limited but mental ability can be stretched or withdrawn too. Let me explain this better with an example. A sports athlete in a 100 metre dash relies on his resilience power – mental strength coupled his physical ability. Again, physical ability is more or less same among all the runners contesting and also it is limited. It is the resilience power that makes the difference. I hope you get my point!


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