The ability to 'keep cool' amidst trying times…

People who can stay calm, well collected, patient and interested – are always the ones required – to handle emergency situation, pursue crisis management, for setting up new ventures, in fighting against odds – because they have a reassuring sense of self-control, confidence and can enter smoothly into a conversation/ activity and be effectively involved.

In business situations/ environment, where there are upsetting circumstances at sometimes, it is essential to be ‘cool’ but be involved and stay positive. A study of middle and upper level managers found that those rated best as communicators shared the ability to adopt a calm, composed and patient manner, no matter what emotional state they are in. As expected, the ability to win over situations rested on this emotional capability. Such people can even put aside their own feelings and can make themselves fully available to the demands of the present situation.

Hence, these managers can take the time needed without being hasty – to gather essential information and ‘find a way through’ – and can revert to help or give a constructive feedback. I can see this ability amongst successful doctors who are quite specific in answering queries from emotionally shattered patients suffering from fatal medical situations. Instead of being dismissive or negative, they can form their ‘right’ sentences so as to help their patients stay positive. In a nutshell, they have emotional control and can be receptive completely.

Sometimes effective communication means underplaying one’s presence. In a restaurant or a cosy private resort, the attendant underplays his presence to protect guests’ privacy – but he is able to provide effective service too. Being very communicative and not ‘keeping cool’ in his behaviour or gestures, ‘the attendant’ may be found intrusive.

By staying cool, a leader can lead his turbulent team effectively. In a football or a cricket team or with an aggressive sales team – the task of the leader is to ‘keep cool’ so as to utilise the full potential of the team. Also, decisions made with a cool head are the right ones, most of the time……basically, staying cool helps.


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