'Team Advantage' always helps in Sales!

‘Cross-selling’ sales meetings – where there is an effort to promote the various products or solutions as a team – are really helpful. In a well task-divided and ‘territory demarcation’ applied sales situation, each one is more focused on his or her task assigned to them. But, the limitation of time in such efforts, does not allow to pursue peripheral vision, as each sales professional tries to promote only his product or solution. This is good but it does not help in optimisation of the resources and/ or manpower deployed.

It is a fundamental fact – Each of us has only part of the information or expertise to get our ‘complete’ jobs done. Herein, the ‘team advantage’ is exercised and normally, the objective of such ‘Cross-selling’ or ‘brainstorming’ sessions is to serve the purpose of optimisation of available resources. In a ‘software’ sales company – weekly meetings help a lot – and the weekend day are casual and informal – herein, the prospective buyer or user’s requirements are discussed amongst the team members and most of the time, a product-mix solution is arrived at. What seems, initially, to be “no solution’ situation, becomes a combination of solutions that looks more like fixing a jig-saw puzzle. These meetings lead to ‘more’ sales than expected and the client is also satisfied of getting a complete solution to his problem.

There is no doubt the ‘group mind’ can be more intelligent than the individual – scientific data supports this assumption. In school days, students ( primarily ‘girls’) indulge in group study. They feel such a study encourages ‘question-answer’ session and ‘thinking’ is applied to understand the subject better. The same is the case in multiple product/ solution sales situation that are difficult to be solved by an individual. Nowadays, with advent of internet, there are ‘on-line’ focus groups that offer solutions quicker than it can happen in the absence of such groups. In any sales meeting – the primary goal is to indulge in ‘brainstorming’ sessions that offer exchange of ideas or sometimes, readily available solutions.

I have experienced situations in an Office automation sales-driven company when I was in Middle East,the ‘live prospects ‘ are shared or given to each other among the team members so that each one meets his sales target. This is ‘healthy’ competition and needs to be encouraged. At times, live ‘demo’ sales situations or mock sessions are practised in a group to explain the ‘objection handling’ techniques to each one. This builds ‘enthusiasm’ and provides moral support within the group. Especially, in technical product’s sales, group expertise is sought. And, in order to scare or to beat the competition, the ‘group’ attends the client meeting all together, wherein they bombard the client with array of answers and handle all the objections of the client successfully, that cannot be handled individually.

A competitive and accomplished Sales Professional depends on his ‘cognitive ability’ to learn new situations. But, there are ‘blind spots’ that cannot be seen when the effort is individual – this can be avoided if a team or group tries to arrive at a solution quite easily, that is not possible individually. This is ‘art of collaboration’ or exercise of team advantage I am talking about. Synergistic efforts help a lot! The art of making impact through people – is the ability to pull people together, to attract colleagues to a ‘common’ assignment, to create sufficient mass for research to get the ‘right’ solution, and such merging of ‘individual’ efforts arrive at a Team Advantage!


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