Optimism and Hope – essentials in start-ups!


Definitely, time and again, it has been proved by corporate history that it takes a ‘winning’ attitude to succeed in setting up new start-up businesses. It requires not just the ‘necessary’ experience and skill sets but a fighting spirit to meet the new challenges arising out of unknown future.

In ‘hard selling’ a concept or a new product – what really matters is an Optimistic outlook and research & studies have proved that it is an essential requirement. Several studies of ‘superior’ sales professionals show that they look at their failures as due to a correctable mistake and take steps to ensure that such problems do not crop up again. The near cousin of Optimism is Hope: knowing the steps needed to get to a goal and having energy to pursue those steps. Now, the energy is hidden in most of the individuals and it needs to be tapped.

Hope is required in all situations,while : a renowned surgeon is performing a difficult ‘new’ surgery; an accomplished athlete is taking part each time in Olympics; an experienced mountaineer is trying to scale a new peak; a devoted mother is attending to her sick child; the ‘diligent’ father is trying to make ends meet; a sincere lover is trying to sustain or rejuvenate a failing relationship or a keen researcher is struggling to get desired results from his iterative lab experiments – practically, in every situation where human efforts are required to complete a task. So, in jobs where stress is high and frustration is common, a rosy outlook resultant of hope, definitely helps in getting better results.

In a start-up scenario, Optimism and Hope play a pivotal role. At the start, there is ‘fear’ ( that serves to be the key to success, if taken positively!) and confusion. One does not know what to do and where to start. There are more onlookers who will discourage with their ‘negative’ opinions instead of helping the cause. But, the ‘specialist’ does not believe all that is said by others, though he lends his ‘receptive ear’ to understand the reality that may be helpful to him to perform. Clearly, his Optimist outlook and Positivity prevails while he listens to others’ version of the situation he is in. Hope instils in him a desire to try and succeed!

When we started a new business activity of HP distribution in Kores India; there were many who discouraged us and opined that it will close down citing earlier failures in similar businesses tried out by the management. The company was never into ‘distribution’ business; so, there was nothing to refer to or fall back on. Hope prevailed and I did walk with my ‘chin up’ to meet the existing dealers who were already tied up with the other ‘competing’ distributors. The channel members were not so co-operative and did not trust us because we were new in the business! It required lot of optimism to break the barrier, get them to believe us that “we can do”! It required lot of Hope in us to conclude that the market will accept us – in terms of our service, pricing and product availability.

At every stage, Hope and Optimism, shielded us from every ‘seeming’ danger to our continuing the new business initiative.


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