Motivation comes from Within!


‘People do things for their own reasons, not yours’.

I have realised one truth: Motivation is not something that can be programmed through a machine and dished out! We deal with people; and if the motivator understands the principles of motivation of himself, then he can motivate others too. Self actualization may be the topmost and the last rung in the ladder of Maslow’s Theory of Motivation; but, each one in the team has a plan to reach there! Many do not understand that Motivation is an on-going process and the leader has a role to play at every step.

Person’s belief system: yes or no, right or wrong, required or not, possible or not, ethical or not – plays a vital role in his getting motivated to excel in the task given to him. I see that, in several business/ job situations – there is no effort to ‘personally’ understand each team member. Motivation is too subjective that it cannot be solved through objective methods of examination. The first step: Accepting responsibility! If the team member does not accept his responsibility, he cannot be motivated! He has to believe in the motivation programme set for him! The benefits that can be gained from performing the act are secondary. The entire exercise is designed to culminate into developing the right Attitude, for the team member! If there is a positive attitude, there will be efforts done by the team member to realise that which is possible by him or her. So, this clearly illustrates that a common ‘rule of thumb’ cannot be applied to get results!

Definitely, the same principle is effected while developing customers too. Though the product may be the same, each dealer/ customer/ outlet have their own reasons to get motivated to sell the product. This can be understood by ‘personally’ relating with each one. Getting inspired is one thing while getting motivated is another. In case of motivation, the change comes from within. You can inspire someone to get motivated! For example: Create conducive work atmosphere that can motivate; Practice inspiring leadership skills that will motivate your followers. A leader or a company can only facilitate so that the change can happen!

Experience has shown that people will do a lot for money, more for a good leader, and do most for a belief. We see this everyday all over around us! People will even die for a belief. Example: Suicidal bombers are motivated to even lose their lives for a belief! For any performance to become successful, belief is important! Yes, Motivation is powerful: it can persuade, convince and propel people into action. Motivation is the driving force in our lives. It comes from a desire to succeed. And, the greatest enemy of motivation is Complacence. Complacence leads to frustration; poor self-esteem; no enjoyment or excitement at work. In many organisations, management adopts fear motivation. I do not believe that fear can give sustained motivation. In an environment where ‘fear’ is used to motivate; team members fall apart and think only about themselves; distrust is quickly built into the team, and ‘fear’ motivation does not get the best out of the team as a whole!

I rely on building a positive belief system as it not only brings results; also builds self-development amongst the team members. It makes them capable and the effect lasts long. There are many of them who thank me – since they feel, I could help them to change their belief system. A new employee is Motivated Ineffective at the start, then he becomes Motivated Effective, as he learns the skills; stays Demotivated Effective for a long time. But, he becomes Demotivated Ineffective – if there is no regular timely orientation programme. Complacency sets in!

Motivation is built due to effective leadership. The task is never over! There is much potential in each achiever; that it takes constant process of self- development to make him effective at all times during his employment.


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