The Power of Intuition!

power of intuition

There is no workbook that can help on how to develop Intuitive powers and there is no ‘necessary’ age, experience or any other requirement to be intuitive. It is either you have it or you do not! As human beings, we are the only species blessed with cognitive and analytical ability to understand new situations at the earliest. Intuition calls for being alert and thinking sharp!

Bank credit managers must be able to sense when a ‘loan’ might go bad even if the numbers in the proposal look fine; executives should be able to understand why a new product will succeed or not, before it is launched; the interviewer has to decide on the right choice amongst tightly competing options; a sales representative should be able to know when to stop talking in order to close the sale. All of these decisions demand our intuitive sense of what is right and wrong. I do not call this as gut feeling because it is not that although many mistake both to be the same.

Decision making is an important quality to pursue any business activity. And, it is time barred; mostly there are ‘limiting’ resources available to enable decision making; the variables being considered may change within a short span of time etc. Yes, despite all these hindering factors, the decision making process cannot be delayed or preponderated. Here, comes the role of intuition in decision making. What is Intuition and why it is used the most at the top management levels to arrive at a decision?

“Intuitive decision making is nothing but a subconscious logical analysis and somehow the brain goes through these calculations and comes up with what we would call a weighted conclusion – it seems more right to do this way than that way” ( Source/ Author: Ehringer: ‘Make up your mind’)

It is not very clear to me how the top management acquires this ability? Or is it only those who have this ability rise to the top? But, I am certain that Intuitive decision making is what is successful in most of the difficult business situations, especially at the top management levels. This may sound weird because the stakes are really high! Well, there is bottom-Up approach to support and the data is made available – but, it is not enough! A managing director spends very less time to read through a document compared to others – he can ‘smell’ the problem or opportunity. He is quick to size up the opponent in person and can decide very quick what to do next.

Women are more intuitive when compared to men. I call this as an ability acquired to survive in a man’s world. It is part of physiological ability gifted since birth. I do not say men are not intuitive; but, they are less in number. Women can sense danger quicker and can exhibit apprehension at the right times. They are more self-aware mentally and emotionally! That is how they are designed. At the same time, men are more intelligent in majority.


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