"It's all about trust!"

trust factor

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough” – Frank Crane quotes

Personally, I believe that every relationship is built on trust! For example: employer-employee, parent-child, husband-wife, student-teacher, buyer-seller, customer- sales executive!! Essentially, most of the tasks require multiple talent/ abilities and one cannot avoid relationships since they are required to complete the task. This calls for building ‘Trust’ and that means having integrity!

In the recent times, the business world has paradigm shifted in their moral standards and has become short-sighted in its approach! Rather, the needs are satisfied by manipulating people in a craftsman manner and the resultant relationships have become modular and short-lived. Trust is difficult to find in such a ‘selfish/ greed’ dominated business environment. In earlier times, the ‘spoken word’ had more value, so much so, that the signed and registered documents were not required to build trust amongst two parties.

So, what builds trust in our relationships?
– Reliability : This makes one predictable! It speaks of commitment in words followed up by actions. In any relationship, this is listed as the first among the requirements.
– Consistency : If one is consistent in his thoughts and behaviour, it develops confidence in others to have faith in him. Inability in certain conditions should be foretold so that alternate arrangements can be done.
– Respect : Mutual respect in any relationship is critical requirement. Where there is no respect; relationships break without prior notice! Earlier, I could not stand somebody not respecting me in a relationship! But, with the passing years of wisdom, I have compromised a bit in certain long standing business or family relations; even though I set a limit of tolerance.

Trust is hard to gain but it can be lost in just one single incident! One of my seniors told me once; ‘relationships’ are like bank accounts: the more we deposit, the more we can withdraw from them. Give more than you want to withdraw! The joy of giving results out of building great relationships that last lifelong! A Parent gives more than what he/ she wants to withdraw. That’s why, every child trusts their parents more than anybody else.

Take your own time and exercise vigilance while building trust in any new relationship. A good trusting relationship can make wonders besides creating happiness!


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