'Delegation' is an Essential duty of a Manager!


More often, I have come across many managers who do not want to delegate. Whether it is for self–survival or plainly lack of interest to give themselves a chance to grow – in my opinion, they do not really appreciate the cause to delegate.

Delegation serves two purposes. Firstly, it assists you in managing your time better and becoming more productive. You can focus on the tasks which need ‘mainly’ your attention. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to develop others who report to you. This aspect is quite overlooked by most managers and they land up piling excess-work on their desks. Needless to say, as a result – the company interest suffers! Also, such Managers are at a loss themselves!

Of course, seldom will you find a candidate to whom you can simply hand over something without prior training or coaching. But learning to empower your employees or those reporting to you will reap big rewards as their confidence grows with their ‘improved’ abilities and delegation becomes easier. It also develops leadership skills in the manager who delegates! Then, again – I do not recommend any manager to be a ‘control freak’ monitoring so often that it becomes a hindrance to the growth of others reporting to him. The fun to delegate ends with micro-managing because you land up being a pain for those reporting to you. I agree, you cannot delegate to one who is not responding to your efforts to develop him or her! This calls for finding a right balance while delegating work. Can I delegate this task? Can I delegate to him? These questions should be internally answered prior to delegation!

Another hindrance is – you enjoy a task a lot and you do not want to delegate. In my opinion, this is simply being ‘guarded’ foolishly (sorry, to say) – no one is and no one should strive to be indispensable – at the cost of any individual or company’s interest. Very easily said, but this is not done in most of the surroundings for varied reasons! This kind of situation is further fuelled or enhanced in a ‘political’ environment within the company where teams are formed defeating the interests of the company as well as of deserving individuals. A leader is equally at loss, if he does not delegate so as to attend to more important tasks resulting in his own growth.

Delegation has wide ranging benefits – it is not just getting rid of your burden!! When a manager thinks carefully and selects – what to delegate and what not to, whom to delegate and whom not to – he begins to focus on critical details – a SWOT analysis of each team member is done. He forms a team that is better equipped to meet unforeseen challenges; he learns to appreciate the effects of team work! Besides these, he can identify what are the development needs of his team? Such a manager is successful in developing a team consisting of members who are productive, growth oriented, fun filled and bankable!


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