Setting Goals for Employee Performance!

Setting goals for employee performance is necessary for the employer to monitor and measure an employee’s work and keep the employee aware of what he or she should aim to achieve. Written goals may be based on job description, specific project, professional development and performance improvement. Creating goals in collaboration with the employee will foster an understanding of the job and a clear vision of what the employer and employee are mutually attempting to achieve.

– Review the employee’s job description to determine the key essential job responsibilities that he or she was hired to meet.

– Create goals based on employee performance improvement. Assess each employee’s strengths and weaknesses to determine improvements.

– Write goals requiring professional development activities such as completing further training or taking a class in a position-related area.

– Assure employee performance review goals are measurable and provide an outcome that answers whether the goal was achieved.

– Share the performance review goals with the employee before implementing them. Collaborate to assure the employee understands his or her goals

Setting goals for employee performance – is a collaborative effort and an on-going process. Many Organizations are not able to arrest employee attrition as well as create a rewarding atmosphere, due to lack of co-ordination between employer and employee. A learning organization makes sure that no employee is neglected and ensures self actualization of every employee through his or her assignment. Such an employer is never in dearth of talent!

(The Author is Director/Proprietor, Rambuna Consultants, specializing in recruitment services, corporate training and new business start ups assistance)


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