Soft Skills – Can it be trained in Corporate surroundings?


Proper communication is essential in every business organization. It comes in any form, such as speaking, writing and listening and the main purpose of communication is to get the messages conveyed to the recipients correctly. It is a fact that every job and position requires the incumbent to get his or her messages across clearly and concisely.

– Listen more carefully and responsively –
Please realize there are 2 parties to any proper communication- please listen while others speak! But, do not be ‘just’ quiet – contribute at the right intervals. If you do not speak at all – there is no communication!

– Express yourself more clearly and concisely –
When it comes to your turn to express yourself, you need to make sure that the messages you want to convey are clear and concise. Plan your content properly – what will you talk??

– Explain your conversational intent –
Why do you need to talk? It is important for you to inform the listeners the main objectives of the conversation.

– Explain your requests in a proper way –
Sometimes, we need to face complaints and criticisms. When you need to express your dissatisfaction to someone, you are reminded to explain it in a courteous manner. Mind your voice and your facial expression.

– Ask questions in a more creative way –
Don’t always ask question using the same method. Adopt a style that is acceptable in each surrounding. You cannot ask your boss the way you ask your subordinate!

– Express your appreciation always –
Have you ever expressed your gratitude when a communication process is completed? If you haven’t, you should do this in future. It will help to improve the relationship among all the colleagues. Courtesy helps a lot in communication!

Corporate training develops ‘soft skills’ that are becoming essential in today’s global environment! With growing efforts to globalize, local companies in India are adopting new techniques to develop their employees to meet global standards in communication. Just like learning a foreign language is important to communicate globally; ‘soft skills’ are becoming essential to develop proper communication.

(The Author is Director/Proprietor, Rambuna Consultants, specializing in recruitment services, corporate training and new business start ups assistance)


One thought on “Soft Skills – Can it be trained in Corporate surroundings?

  1. I am glad that more and more employers are understanding the importance of soft skills and emotional intelligence in the work environment because it can have such a huge impact not only on the employee’s performance but also in other aspects of the employee’s life. It is definitely one of those areas which is hard to learn and train, but very worth it. I know that a lot of people find it helpful to seek professional help and do a professional EQ (or emotional intelligence) training and coaching.

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