Corporate training – the 3 Guiding principles!

“Every effect is preceded by a cause!”

There are 3 fundamental demands on all corporate training and corporate education programs to create high performance in the workplace. These 3 training demands describe the purpose of all corporate training and directly influence the training plan/ design. Corporate trainers need to know and always strive to meet these demands. Once the training ends; the employees/ participants shall:

– have the right knowledge and skills – required for getting their job done and to actively (rather enthusiastically!) pursue business activities on their own, within their domain.
– be able to understand and adapt the learning to their specific situation.
– be motivated to use the learning creatively and independently – solving problems on their own or in a group!

Needless to say more, these are the requirements and every corporate training program should meet these 3 ‘fundamental’ demands! At the same time, let me state – all the 3 demands cannot be met by a single training program/ method. One method that is suitable for fulfilling one training demand may inhibit the fulfillment of another training demand in a specific situation.

Instead, the trainer should always introduce the 3 guiding principles. The 3 principles guide the choice of exercises and help the corporate trainer to evaluate a training plan/ design chosen by him. By correctly using the 3 guiding principles the training will be balanced to meet the 3 ‘fundamental’ demands. The 3 guiding principles are –

– transfer of knowledge and skills (this principle is critical to success of the training program!)
– group or team focus (preferred)
– focus on ‘problem solving’ – makes the training program beneficial.

These 3 principles complement each other and all 3 are needed to meet the expectations of creating desired performance level at the workplace.

(The Author is Director/Proprietor, Rambuna Consultants, specializing in recruitment services, corporate training and new business start ups assistance)


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