Getting customers to love your small business!

small business

The lifeblood of any small business is its customers. And I know this fact for sure! For that reason, it is crucial that I satisfy my clients in order to promote my business.

Why not reward Loyalty? –
Although like others, even I aspire for a steadily increasing flock of new customers, it is the loyal customers that impact my business the most since they are the ones who are most likely to pass the word about my business to their family and friends other than the obvious fact that they are the ones who subscribe to my service time and again. For this reason, I should reward my regulars. I do this with the help of the ‘loyalty’ card which they can present to me each time they do business with me. Once in a while, I feel they should get a freebie from me! Not only is this strategy well received among my regular customers, it’s also a great way to convert my new clients to repeat customers.

Service – Key Result Area ! –
And in the kind of consultancy business I am in – ‘Service’ being the core focus KRA, I prefer to attend to my chosen clients personally – it adds value to what my firm already offers! Of course, it is quite unlikely that any of my clients will take sub-standard service ( because it being very competitive in recruitment industry!) – and, we make sure that we deliver the best! We give – Instant service, organized folders, archived records, market intelligence, candidate response etc to our clients! This applies to all the services we offer – whether it is recruitment, corporate training or start up strategy. Such an approach helps a lot and soon, the clients figure out that we are really committed.

Avoid Complicating Things for Your Customers ! –
Jingbang – no, I avoid that! I am straightforward as much possible in real world terms, do not play around with words and do not commit what I cannot keep. Recently, my client who gave me a valued contract told me: ‘I liked your being down to earth and honest from the start! You were very clear what you can give and what you cannot.’ Now, we trust each other well and conduct ourselves quite professionally. No Jingbang!!

Be Flexible ! –
Definitely, there has to be some organizational structure and definite process however small the business is! But, I recommend, Be flexible! I do not have a standard dictum that I operate on for every customer of mine. Changes in my firm’s ‘structured’ policy is done to accommodate large clients or to return a favor of a close friend cum client. This practice I have followed even in my long sales career too! It builds relationship factor that can comes in handy on a rainy day!

In all, one should make lasting personal friendships in business with cheer; enjoying whatever he or she does and customers should love to deal with you! Getting customers to love your small business is essential.


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