Hiring the 'Right Employees' !

Hiring the Right

The most important thing to recognize about hiring ‘right’ employees is forgetting the notion that employees are perfect.The perfect employee is definitely a dream of anyone who manages (lucky?), but as we all know, doesn’t really exist. No one is perfect; not employees and not employers. How do you make hiring decisions that will help you to hire the best employees? How do you hire employees who are great performers and totally engaged in their work? It begins with more or less an exhaustive data mining exercise wherein the objective is to get the right match to the job expectations, popularly referred to as JD (Job description) amongst the employers/employees pool.

The quickest way to get to the root of the hiring problem is to understand the job description (JD) well. Though, it is very unlikely that even the best employer would not miss all the requirements. But, this is the first step in the process and due care should be exercised in preparing the JD. And, as a recruitment consultant – it is necessary you ask the right questions to a prospective employee – do not hesitate to probe further on the CV! But, do not ask any embarrassing questions that would ‘put off’ the candidate. For eg. Do not confirm age with a female applicant or be blunt in ascertaining the CTC mentioned on the CV. Once the prospect gets ‘put off’; trust me, it is very difficult to remedy the situation. You may lose out on a good opportunity.

Don’t skip the reference checking process. But, this step of ‘reference check’ need not always help in getting the right candidate. Of course, you need to read between the lines and probe further to ascertain whether the referee is honest, unbiased, timely or appropriate! I know of several referee who did not wish well for others and they do not portray the right picture or work situation. They were biased and untrue!

At times, especially while interviewing/ consulting prospects for junior positions, the consultant has to adorn the role of a mentor and guide well. The prospects could be confused, ill informed ( underexposed in life?) and very ambitious as well as impatient. In such situations, the recruitment consultant has to verify and confirm the real aspirations of the prospect. What does he want in his life? Where does he want to go? Many a time, the obvious is not seen by the prospect! The consultant has to highlight, mentor, play the role of a senior colleague without offending the prospect. Trust has to be built with the candidates by the consultant and quickly, so that they can confide in him, without any reservations!

Once your employee is on board, don’t abandon them. Be available to answer questions and provide the work resources that your employee needs to perform their jobs successfully. Hiring the right employees is possible when you understand what your employees will need – to be successful before you hire them, then supporting your employees from their very first day on the job.

(The Author is Director/Proprietor, Rambuna Consultants, specializing in recruitment services, corporate training and new business start ups assistance)


2 thoughts on “Hiring the 'Right Employees' !

    • thanks – it become tardy if precautions are not exercised while hiring but the ideal is not available; we can only strive to get close!

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