How you see yourself?

Some people say – it is being affirmative; some call it prayers to God (which is nothing but auto-suggestion); it is said, only leaders can visualize success; I strongly feel, every successful person succeeds twice in every mission – once in his mind and the second time in practice or action!

Focused meditation, praying, visualizations, affirmations are according to my experience all part of the same concept. They are all a part of getting ready to become what you want to be or get ready to achieve what you want to achieve. However, if you don’t get the energy and inspiration to get out of your couch in front of the TV and go out into the real world to MAKE IT HAPPEN – you are just wasting your time. Our affirmations are however the thoughts that put meaning, energy and direction into our actions to make something become real in the physical universe. Self-motivation is to aid action – to do something you think you can do! It starts with the process of thinking; thoughts that are the starting dot points to draw the sketch of a business plan. Sure! there will be hiccups, start up problems, may look like standing on a cross-road – which direction to go? To be or Not to be?? Several questions will come to the fore and believe me, it is disappointing and tiring on most of the days interrupted by good bright days in the intervals.

Start up ventures are very self satisfying if we carefully see it being implemented to its logical conclusion i.e. success – but, tell me how many reach there? Easily said than actually done! Very easy to motivate or say prodding words as a by-stander in the audience. Unless you get into the boxing ring, you do not know how difficult the game is. The punches are real hard, the misses are devastating losses of opportunity! And there are only limited number of chances – you have to get it within them!

All great achievements are always the result of a tremendous amount of actions. Usually they are small, normal actions when looked at one by one. But still, together they are building up to an extraordinary end result. Let me tell you, success does not happen by an accident! It is honing special skills a professional has! Like a medical surgeon does on the operation table. Like an accomplished singer does at every concert. Like a boxer in the ring does with every punch on the opponent. Like you polish your shoe till you get the shine you want. It’s all about how you see yourself?

(The Author is Director/Proprietor, Rambuna Consultants, specializing in recruitment services, corporate training, strategic assistance to new business start ups)


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