‘Leadership through higher EQ’ says Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman
More often, it is considered that in order to be an effective leader, it is important to have a high IQ and be authoritative – well, not anymore! Daniel Goleman, an accomplished authority to discuss and/ or write on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ as a subject differs as ever before. In his latest effort to eulogize EQ further, he has come out with his latest book – “Leadership – Power of Emotional Intelligence”. Mediocrity was considered a negative trait among leaders earlier, but little did the business owners realize then, team effort will play a major role more than leadership, to gets tasks completed on time in the coming years. Today’s Indian youth wants independence to think and act freely in a work atmosphere that is friendly more than anything else. So is the case at Indian homes. They ( today’s youth) are brighter, fearless, self-confident and are not shy to admit their mistakes.

In his opening paragraph of his latest book, Daniel Goleman cites an incidence where ‘fear’ among the juniors stopped them to caution their boss pilot Melburn McBroom of an impending crash of the aircraft due to low fuel levels. Fear has always stopped the subordinates ( or even children of a domineering parent) to speak out their mind, particularly in a ‘traditional society’ styled Indian work environment or patriarchal homes. Imagine if the crew on Melburn McBroom’s aircraft had worked as team, co-operating, communicating openly and respecting each other’s views, they, along with the helpless passengers would have lived to see the next day!

Daniel illustrates several instances like this throughout his narration, in his inimitable style, to emphasize the effect of emotional intelligence in every day business situations. Daniel Goleman studies the competency models in several organizations in his book, to drive home this point well into the reader’s psyche. He clarifies how empathy and compassion will generate better results and more commitment among our employees. No wonder, cognitive skills and BIG picture thinking occupies a CEO’s mind more, but Daniel Coleman proves EQ plays a role twice as big, to get tasks completed on time. I agree with him on this point; especially in view of increasing importance of cross-functional responsibilities in every team effort.

So what is the mystery surrounding effective leadership?
Daniel Goleman explains this well in this excerpt from his book, ‘Authoritative leaders mobilize people towards a vision. Affiliate leaders create emotional bonds and harmony. Democratic leaders build consensus through participation. Pace-setting leaders expect excellence and self-direction. Coaching leaders develop people for the future. And coercive leaders demand immediate compliance.’

Leadership development is critical as ‘management development’ and ‘succession planning’ will play a major role to retain talent at higher levels. Infosys Limited, leading software company in India and new emerging markets across the world, believes in Job rotation at higher levels too and every founder-member of the company got a chance to lead the company the way they felt it right. So much so, there are no more founder-members left to occupy the top positions, giving room to others and new younger thinkers/ leaders are taking charge. Well, and the best part is: this is being done so openly and is very much evident in the public eye. And more so, all the employees are stake holders in the success or failure of the company. Microsoft, Apple, other iconic software companies also believe in sharing equal opportunities with their employees and this EQ savvy management style has helped them grow faster than others; because efficient and dedicated teams are at work now.

Daniel Goleman, through this book, has illustrated well the importance of EQ, with examples/ case studies just like done in his earlier books on emotional intelligence. Really, when trust and open communication lines are established, Growth is not very far whether it is for the individual employee or for the company.


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