What takes to be a ‘Good Enough Manager’?

Corporate training and Executive Coaching mainly focus on the behavioral aspects of the Trainee/ Coachee because it is believed : by such an approach, one can manage the thinking process of the individual to arrive at a desired business output. The basics are the same to what a conscious Good Enough Mother does to her infant/ child to nurture development and independence. A mother consciously changes herself to meet the needs of her child. So does the Trainer or Coach!

Aaron Nurick, in his book “Good Enough Manager (GEM) – How to make a GEM?” explains – ‘The concept is based on the psychological theory of the good enough mother who provides an environment where an infant learns to develop an autonomous and genuine self. She does this by responding with empathy and adapting her behavior, completely meeting the child’s needs in the beginning and then gradually letting go, allowing more autonomy and room for the child to add something uniquely his own to the relationship. This book is based on a primary principle: Just as there is no such thing as a perfect parent, managing people in organizations is an inherently human and fallible endeavor, mainly because managing occurs by and through human relationships.’

I liked the explanation meted out to the reader – How a GEM stands up and serves as a Mentor, a Relationship builder, and as a model of Integrity. Such efforts on the part of GEM necessarily leads to better output, better employees, better work environment, more profits in lesser span of time. I am sure you would have seen all these being discussed in some role models you reported to in your career. Just relate with your past experience while you read this book, to comprehend the concept better. Further, the book states the four Cs that make a ‘Good Enough Manager’ –

1. Capacity (emotional intelligence, especially aspects such as self awareness, empathy, impulse control and the willingness to let go)… I have discussed these in my earlier posts on EQ and its influence in managing.

2. Competence (specific interpersonal skills of listening, assertive communication, and conflict management).

3. Character (developing a sense of one’s values and infusing them into the role of the manager in order to do the right thing when necessary).

4. Commitment (willingness to do the best one can, every day)

The book is well-engaging and filled with live examples to drive home a thesis resultant of practice and theory gained by the author. In the coming years, expanse of global opportunities coupled with growth in technology of communications, will only lead to complex work situations. In such situations, there is not much room for errors due to micro-managing, over-control, lack of relationship building, lack of commitment or even lack of character. Managers have to be Good Enough !! Otherwise, Businesses will not grow as required to do so, when related to opportunities available globally.

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