A broader view – Service to Clients ?

Cutomer srvice

Recruiting business means more than just recruiting candidates who turn out to be good, effective employees. Yes, I agree the core factor will always remain to be efficiency or skills in recruiting. But, at Rambuna Consultants, we have a broader view and unlike other consultants, we paint on a larger canvass. Hence I insist on offering ‘Service and Results’ to our clients and do not shirk away from adhering to this practice. More than just a mere smile, ‘We become You’ – in our candidate search process, in our efforts to shortlist capable candidates and if required by the situation, we indulge in decision making too. At the same time, we totally respect every decision taken by our client and firmly believe that the client knows the best what he wants or what he can afford.

Anticipating, recognizing and meeting our clients’ needs – speaks about our service orientation ! Firstly, I want my clients to feel that they are well taken care of ; they should feel satisfied with our service levels – that is prompt, efficient and meticulous. They should feel at home while dealing with us. They should be able to trust us enough to spell out their aspirations and fears, placing total confidence in our consultant. Of course, this calls for empathy from us and we exercise empathy well ! And we do not want to intrude unless we are required to do so, only for helping our client who is new to recruitment or to the local market needs, industry specifics etc. We only offer more information or share our experience to facilitate better decision-making. And, to shine at service, we continuously monitor the satisfaction level of our clients. We are pro-active enough to seek their satisfaction in the recruitment process and do not wait till we get complaints. Our consultant empathizes at the outset of interaction so as to understand the Client’s point of view.

We do not cut corners to save on our costs. The candidate search is not over unless it generates sufficient pool of candidates to chose from. We understand that short-cuts will only hamper our competency levels and we do not encourage such short-cuts at all. We insist on discussing personally with our client to reach optimum levels (or the threshold level) in our candidate search process. Job description (JD) sheet is always called for by us. In cases where a JD is not there, we seek a detailed talk with the client over the phone or in person to understand more about the job description and candidate profile.

Beyond all this, we are eager to serve our clients in the most sincere manner.

Call us for a recruitment solution: www.rambunaconsultants.com


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