Embedding Values in Recruitment !

I work with a varied spectrum of clients as part of my assignment to recruit the best possible candidate for them within the parameters drawn by the clients. Yes, I do get an option to add my point or opinion and I make it a point to exercise this option after a quick analysis of the situation and client’s requirement. Whether it is for Smaller companies or Big size corporations – I do not compromise on values I embed in my recruitment process. Fortunately, as in my case, I have all my clients convinced and agreeing to my practice of embedding values in recruitment.

Competency is a required skill set to complete any assigned task but the methods will vary based on individualistic values. Competencies describe what an individual can and cannot do. Values are deeply held beliefs. What people believe influences their actions, and values therefore drive the behaviors that people are naturally, automatically and inherently motivated to do. When we behave in line with our values we feel comfortable, energized, and draw satisfaction from what we are doing, rather than feeling awkward or compelled. We feel more at home when we work for an organization that shares our value set.

Here, you may be tempted to ask me, “Why do values matter so much as long as I am getting people to do what is required in the job?” Defining the organization values and talking about them with candidates in the interview will help identify those people who fit with the organization. Such individuals are more likely to settle quickly, stay for longer period and demonstrate the required behaviors more frequently. People who have the required competencies but don’t share the values will feel constrained and less comfortable at work. Using values in recruitment therefore helps organizations to select people who share the same mindset, making the organization more cohesive and united.

In general course of personal life and work – people’s values tend to remain constant. Values are deeply embedded, forged over years by experience and background. Life changing events can have an impact on values if they fundamentally shift what the person sees/hears/feels to be important. Take for example, Losing a parent or a lover in a freak accident can alter one’s values in life ! But to develop new values from the scratch is very difficult ! Most values are embedded into ourselves as a result of our upbringing, family or social surroundings, events in our childhood, moral fibre in our thinking or as a result of genetic inheritance.

At Rambuna Consultants, we place importance on ‘Embedding Values in Recruitment’ to get the Right Fit each time.


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