What do we do in Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is an art as well a science of facilitating positive change and is a ‘one-on-one’ collaboration between a Coach and the concerned Executive – for better leadership skills, positive attitudinal and behavioral changes to overcome self-imposed limiting belief systems. Our coaches essentially lead Executives on a path of self-discovery which in turn helps them resolve professional and even personal crisis. It also enables one to access new insights and realize maximum potential with holistic self-improvement. Executive coach acts as an objective sounding board and facilitates Executives to find answers to all challenges successfully. Executive Coaching is designed to help Executives create and execute breakthrough ideas, develop strategic pathways and set milestones. Our coach can help you move faster and further than you can imagine.

The Scope –
The entire process of Coaching will be 100% customized according to the client’s requirement. Our Executive Coaching covers all facets mentioned under though not limited to only the following:

– Leadership development and strategies to develop Leaders at various levels of your organization
– Soft skills and behavioral coaching including achieving and execution of personal as well as business goals to arrive at desired output level.
– Helps in enabling Organizational Change, Culture, Commitment, Mission, Vision and Values
– Develops ability to maintain effective interpersonal relationships
– Helps in Team Building, Managing High Performance Teams and Effective Delegation
– Helps in Effective and Persuasive Communication, developing Impaction Presentation Skills.

The Process –
Firstly, we will understand, scrutinize and analyze your core business issues and the concerned Executive’s motivation level and the challenges faced by him. Then, we will build synergy with you to create an action learning environment to conduct contact sessions, develop solutions and actuate ‘Change’ required to achieve success in Executive coaching. Our contact sessions (Minimum 12 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours each are recommended) will be designed to suit your comfort level and the learning process will happen wherein we help you find the answers within you. Coaching does not go into your past but is corrective and solution focused. Our structured approach of coaching will support and help you stretch your abilities. The whole process is strictly confidential and a Non-disclosure agreement is signed by our company/ coach prior to start.

The Benefits –
According to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 Executives, Coaching resulted in a Return on Investment (ROI) of almost six times the program cost, as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction and 48% improvement in quality. We have on our panel – experienced International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Executive Coaches who will help you reach your next level.

Call us Today to know more: www.rambunaconsultants.com


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