How a Successful Recruiter can help grow your business?

There are bottlenecks hindering any new business activity or any personal initiative ; especially when we want to bring about a change in the present ! It is quite natural. At times, there is resistance to Change from even the most learned quarters ! But, this should not stop us from attempting the task we want to. Recruiting is no different – a recruiter is bound by his self-interest ( that is… just to recruit and get paid !) or by his lack of other skills to bring about a Change. At Rambuna Consultants, we are equipped to think beyond the routine. We successfully recruit to build businesses ! Our punch line is “Building Careers, Managing Performance” and we stick to that in practice. We move forward with a purpose. We classify ourselves to be a ‘Purpose-driven’ recruiting firm and not just a ‘Profit-driven’ recruiting firm !

1. We track Numbers – at the end of the day, we are eager to know how many job positions we have filled up and reasons for not doing the targeted numbers ! What are factors that have contributed to the closures we have done? Our ATS software helps in letting us know the statistics and reports.

2. We adopt latest technology wherever it is required – We want to be available all the time to a promising career aspirant or to a new business client with new ‘fledgling’ business idea. We are listed in the social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ) and we reach out to provide solutions and to evolve more with each passing day ! As a recruiter or Account executive, we aren’t always tied to our desk. We’re out networking with people, facilitating interviews, and giving presentations. Having access to our ATS software from our Smartphone or Tablet is a major part of being productive while we’re away from our desk.

3. We are Quicker than Other Consultants – We arrange quick meetings for our clients with far-placed or outstation candidates through SKYPE ; use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to cut down our costs so that we can talk more and longer wherever required. We put required time on the phone.

4. Start-up Business Skills help us a lot – With strong experience and knowledge about new business start-up skills, we stretch our interest beyond recruiting ; we think beyond the obvious. We can successfully bring about the Change to build businesses to greater heights. We can empathize rightly with our talented job applicants and/ or ambitious clients and be an enabler to faster business growth or boosting an individual’s career.

5. We are Positive Always – Whenever the Client feels it is impossible for anyone, we do not give up. We are Purpose-driven !!

Call it a value proposition or call it a mission statement, but our purpose defines why we come into work every day. It helps us to move past setbacks and disappointments, and helps us to make our brand more enticing. And, we know that successful recruiters have a great purpose – to help companies grow by finding them great talent.

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