What does recruitment consulting mean to us?

recruitment consulting

Quite often, I am assessing my practice – how can I contribute more and effectively in a market environment that is flooded with head hunters, recruiting agencies and few reputed international HR practices and executive search firms. The need for Professional service in recruitment has been there for long in the Indian market where the clients seek the best talent, at affordable levels of compensation. Then, it occurs to me ‘ why do we as a recruitment consultant serve to be a better option to several clients in the niche market we cater to? ‘

Rambuna Consultants, in a short span of time has succeeded well in a reticent and cagy market! The recruitment process at our end consists of different phases, which idea-specifically can be summarized as follows-

1. At first, the infra-structure (besides just the number of branches/ offices), the working culture of clients (prospective) and the requirements of the position to be filled up is assessed by us – I feel this is an important procedure to get the right match as well as to build our own reputation in the long run.
2. By referring to existing database or newly collected information – we determine who are the potential candidates to work on. They are meticulously screened, interviewed and pre-selected by us – I think this saves the time and effort of our clients in a great measure.
3. To support the decision of the client as well as to arrive at optimization of our resources, additional information on the candidate is gathered (including reference checks) and if required, we accompany the client in the final stage of selection.
4. Additionally, we sustain our continued interest in our client and the candidate appointed, to monitor our success in recruitment practice. We always keep the client’s interest in mind and seek feedback from the client even after the specific recruitment task is completed.

Why do many clients do not get what they want – despite having a long list of recruitment consultants on their panel? Unfortunately, there are very low market-entry barriers in recruitment business! There is not much emphasis on documentation of qualifications needed to succeed as a recruitment consultant. This results in poor recruitment consultancy services in many cases. As a company principle, we do not cater to industries where we do not have requisite recruitment expertise. This ensures optimum use of our time and talent besides effective utilization of the networked contacts we possess. We are realistic while making claims in our executive search as well as in our service levels.

There are few parameters we adhere to while extending our recruitment services, to ensure desired results in practice :

– We want sufficient mind-space of our clients, so that we do not feel crowded and are not even able to discuss the opportunities of getting the best talent on mandates issued to us.
– We are interested in solving the recruitment problem of our clients on a long term basis. We do not believe in Hire & Fire policy and seek minimum time period (mutually agreed b/w employer and new employee) for our candidates to perform in sales, after they are appointed. I do not want to just fill up the vacancies in a hurried manner. We expect due diligence from our clients in finalizing candidate selection among the options given to them by us.
– Strategic management of the current market situation plays a very vital role in our recruitment process and success. I personally look at the market situation, job requirements, client’s compensation plan and the client’s position/ market share – and based on these factors, I suggest the best option. Definitely, my past work/ selling experience and resultant functional expertise is taken benefit of, before suggesting or recruiting a candidate.


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