Job security and stability are getting important !

job security

Despite Indian market being on stronger grounds compared to its western counterparts (the US and Europe), Job security and stability are the two factors playing a major role in the recruitment space with our clients and the job-seekers alike. Candidates are wary to changing jobs, especially the good candidates ! At the same time, with market conditions not really improving, economy still not so upbeat as it was prior to the year 2008 – clients are very careful and selective about appointing a prospective employee. ‘In Randstad’s recently concluded worldwide employer brand poll, the Randstad Award 2012, long-term job security and the financial health of the employer were the main factors influencing the choice of employer for the Indian job-seekers, while salary and benefits took the third place.’

In my opinion, local circumstances are playing a major role and not the global trend ! Despite ‘consistent’ 6% growth rate and more, India is still struggling due to government ‘policy paralysis’, resultant market uncertainty and mainly due to lack of political will to steer economic reforms. This has become more a political issue than an economic issue ! Temporary staffing is on the rise, as corporate sector wriggles between demand and supply market variables. Temporary staffing are typically for secondary or lower-end roles like customer service, business support etc…but now, the demand of temporary staffing is shifting towards higher-end roles : finance professionals, quality control and IT professionals. The SME segment that we cater to in higher proportion is lot quicker in decision-making. It is either Yes or No. Here, recruitment is not stretched, delayed or scrapped as done in the Corporate/ MNC sector. Sales achievement is getting tougher in current ‘uncertainty’ market scenario and hence, functional expertise is playing a pivotal role to meet specific recruitment requirements of the client.

As per Market data/ statistics, compensation will grow 10-12% Year-on-Year, but that is not enough to change jobs for the good candidates. But strangely in this scenario, there is rising un-employment too, as a result of layoffs, poor salary increments, un-reasonable work/ job requirements etc. Under such tough conditions of recruitment, completing the task through effective functional experts is important. The effort of the recruiter – has to result from industry specific knowledge, valued work experience, and constant application of mind and other resources to meet the client’s needs.

At Rambuna Consultants, we cater to filling up Sales & Marketing positions (Junior, Mid- Senior levels) in Industry Practices we are well aware and equipped to do so – by our past successful experience, relevant database, effective networking, reliable references and our functional expertise.


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