Change Management – The Driving Force into the Future !

Change Management

Change management is an approach to shifting or transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping change the stakeholders (and, every employee is a stake holder!) to accept and embrace changes in their business environment. Why do we need to change? How do we change? What does change?

Time is not stationery at all; but it is absolutely a dynamic variant in our daily lives. Quite often, we hear that we need to change with times! Time and space are boundaries within which we function with our existing personal abilities, interests, preferences, attitudes and results thereof. Let’s see, What we do when we talk about training others to meet the Change? As transformers, we intervene into the personal space of the participants (Of course, after they agree to our intervention by attending our training program willingly) to prepare them for the future that is unseen but expected or perceived by us. To perceive the unseen, we need judging abilities evolved or substantiated through our past experience. At the core of any Organizational change, it is the Individual who effects ‘Change’ in his habits leading to successful abilities to bring about the Organizational Change. These Changes are ignited or facilitated by a Trainer, Coach or a Motivational speaker; but the actual change happens from within the mind of the participant. That is why we evaluate the efficacy of Change management program at the end of the session and the success of the Change agent solely depends on how effective he is in bringing about the Change in the minds of participants.

1. GAP Analysis – Knowing where you are and where you want to go ! I would like to share my work experience in Kores India where I started up the Hewlett Packard Printer Consumables division from the scratch, taking it to an enviable place of No. 2 among the IT distributors in the business. Kores India was and is still catering to a receding market size that is the monopolistic market of Carbon paper. The skill-sets required to sustain the top place is not much, if the market has no other significant competitor to compete with. But to transform an organizational mind-set so that it can plunge into and succeed well in a highly voluminous (Top-line focused) competitive market constantly driven by dynamic market forces – calls for immense skills in persuasion driven by optimism and faith of the Change Agent. It calls for developing a solution pathway that is well assessed in terms of it’s benefits and risks, if it is adopted.
2. Capability Always Counts ! – Knowing Self is essential prior to embarking on any arduous task – We need to be sure what we are capable of. As it is the case with individuals, so it is the case with Organizations. First question should be – Can we do it?
3. Leadership Analysis – More often, Leaders are made though few are born leaders. Situations make leaders or failures! I have come across people who have turned failing situations inside out to realise immense success in their lives.
4. Analyse your Past Actions – One should be always aware of What He is doing ! This is essential because thorough analysis of the past actions gives us the insight of what we should do rightly?
5. Mind-set Analysis – ‘Paradigm Shift’ is well explained by the Ace trainer Dr Stephen Covey through his videos. What we perceive is limited by our understanding of the surrounding reality. We feel we are the best but we may not be or the viceversa. We need to have the right thought that is unbiased and not governed by excessive optimism or unrealistic pessimism. It calls for lot of self-study!

Change Management is a process that is gradual in its effect on its surroundings and there is no solution available at the drop of the hat. But if we manage this process of Change by the Objectives of the task taken up, Success is not far away ! Call Rambuna Consultants today to engage our training services that would lead you and your Organization to a better enriching future.


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