The Road Map to Leadership Development !

‘Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization. These activities have ranged from MBA style programs offered at University business schools to action learning, high-ropes courses and executive retreats’

Why is a Leadership Training Program required today? Some of the reasons I can figure out are listed below –

– Challenging economic conditions in India making real situations difficult to conduct business
– Competition is getting Globalized and demanding
– Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted any longer
– Financial Pressures are increasing due to a slowdown situation in Indian markets
– Business environment is un-stable due to market conditions

A good personal leadership development program should enable the participants to develop a self-initiated plan helping them gain essential ‘leadership skills’ required for roles across a wide spectrum in the corporate world. These skills or characteristics include: Taking responsibility, Gaining focus in the task taken up, Genuinely developing Life’s purpose, Starting action immediately without further delay and Developing effective and achievable goals.

In my One-day Leadership training program, I split the training program into two distinct halves.

First Half of the Day –
– Explaining the concept of leadership – Leadership Styles – their Merits and Demerits
– What constitutes Individual leadership – qualities and strengths
– How communication (written and oral) helps or works in Leadership?
– The Importance of right Attitude in a Leader
– Impact of Body Language in Leadership (explained with exercises/ examples)
– How Individuals can make things happen? (Internal locus of Control)

Second Half of the Day –
– Understand the parameters needed in a Leader to influencing others
– The Power of behavior in Leadership
– Understanding difficult situations in Leadership (explained with examples from real life business situations encountered by the trainer)
– Delegation and ‘Positive’ effects of Persuasion while delegating to difficult people
– Handling specific business situations and the solutions through effective Leadership ( Open for discussion/ Debate)
– Summary and listing the requirements of Effective Leadership

If you notice, the focus is clearly on developing the Leadership traits among those attending the training program. Sometimes, this could mean to just un-locking the leadership potential among the participants !


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