Should you select the Best or the Right Talent ?

Right talent

Quite Often, the common mistake done by most client companies ( though not by all of them )- ‘ they want to hire the best talent !’ In case of successful recruiting, the recruitment consultant has a definite role to play. At least, we do have a valued role ! At Rambuna Consultants, we deal with utmost care and precision to select the Right Talent based on our interactions and subsequent understanding gained from our Client company. Our Executive search is backed by our functional expertise in Sales & Marketing, having gained 22 years of valuable experience in the same domain/ industry specific segments we cater recruitment services to.

We incorporate competitive intelligence tools to gather more data on the market prior to the start of candidate search – What are the existing opportunities and possible pitfalls in the market ? What is the probability of arriving at right candidate search ? What is the product life cycle clients’ products are in and the potential of the client company to hire the right candidate within the framework of recruiting options. This calls for a good understanding of the client company’s business interests and the industry vertical they are placed in. Now, this is where our vast experience in the Niche segments we cater recruitment services to comes in handy.

1. Vast source of data available to us – Besides Job portals, we are well-connected to indigenous talent-source pools. These pools are constantly updated by us at regular intervals.

2. Hard core experience in Sales & Marketing keeps us Ahead – Having spent 22 years in Office Automation, Telecom, Information Technology ( Hardware/ Software), Computers, Consumer Durable Industry segments – we know what eventually works in Sales & Marketing !

3. Networking and Employee referrals – As we are in constant touch with our networked contacts and the candidates placed by us as well as the eligible job applicants – we are placed at an advantage when we are considered in comparison with others.

It is essential to get the Right Fit (Right Talent) and that is the only factor which matters in successful recruitment ! With the right candidate in the pocket – the gestation period required to start performing is shorter ; the risk of hiring wrong is lesser ; and the cost of losing a valued market opportunity is minimal ! Contact Rambuna Consultants today for recruiting the Right Talent !


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