‘These Jeans are made of garbage’ – Levi’s Goes Green !

levi jeans

Most apparel companies work hard to give their clothes the sheen of sophisticated look or unconventional design. But, Levi Strauss has decided to make ‘Waste-less’ Jeans in its attempt to go green! The ‘Waste-less’ jeans are composed of at least 20% of recycled plastic bottles. ‘First batch of Waste-less jeans used about 3.5 million bottles. Americans consume around 33 billion bottles of soda last year’.

Levi’s are the biggest maker of Jeans in the world, with sales of $ 4.8 billion in the year 2011. Naturally, Levi’s efforts to go Green commands public attention, keeping in mind its size of the company. It was Levi’s to come out first with Water-less Jeans – a project started and introduced in the year 2011 – led to ‘Less wash, Save water’ jeans. After the Water-less Jeans, Levi’s is looking at plastic that can be used for it to be environment-friendly – the collection of these Jeans made of Garbage will include men’s and women’s jeans as well as Jean jackets – about 400000 items in all.

The price of pair of Jeans will range from $69 to $128. Now you know that you are saving the environment in your little way, when you get into a pair of your favorite Levi’s Jeans ! What a novel way to add profits and be environment friendly too !


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