'Partners In Success: Strategic HR and Entrepreneurship' – Book Review

‘The human asset is most critical for success of most organizations in today’s fast-paced dynamic globally influenced markets.’

Recently, I was reading the book ‘Partners in Success : Strategic HR and Entrepreneurship’ edited by Nina Muncherjee, C Gopalakrishnan and Upinder Dhar. I would like to share my thoughts on the book as well review the same. The book talks about the subject under a wide bandwidth – viz., managing corporate governance, talent acquisition and management, organizational culture and change, ethical Issues and finally about value- based management. I do not intend to write an essay on these topics but would like to place my opinion and highlight how entrepreneurship can aid in achieving successful recruitment from the given resources. My thoughts are not necessarily confined to talk only about the book. The book is only a point of reference to me for requesting my readers to dwell more on the subject.

Why do we recruit in the first place – whether internally or externally ? Most people believe that recruitment has to be necessarily external. Well, that is not the case always. At Rambuna Consultants, we stress more upon ‘corporate interventions’ so as to identify the root cause of recruitment and/ or corporate training. Where training can realize unmet expectations, we do not stress upon recruitment. And where training cannot suffice the needs, we do not fail in recruiting the best manpower to meet the existing and futuristic business needs. Personally since I have the ‘business start-up expertise’ by past experience and my core strengths are in marketing strategy, I focus primarily on recruiting for Sales and Marketing positions. Mind you, Organizations want growth in revenue and/ or in market share and the progressive organizations do not want to compromise on this aspect. Naturally this calls for a ‘Change’ – at individual employee level and/ or at Organizational level. Now, the outcome of Change largely depends on existing organizational culture that would either be an enabler or a deterrent. In India, Human Resources will gain more and more importance in the coming years and this is largely due to emerging global competition and due to saturation of demand in the developed world.

What do I mean by Strategic HR ? Why should we couple this with Entrepreneurship ? Entrepreneurship has always played a major role in the ‘free enterprise’ driven United States, ‘manufacturing factory’ China, or the ‘knowledge driven’ software Industry in India. Entrepreneurship is a resource by itself – it is a thought process, an ability to pursue and persevere against the odds, a risk-taking gesture under challenging conditions, the life-style of the brave, and a praise-worthy effort to build the Nation. Entrepreneurship cannot be overlooked any longer. We do not live in the ‘Nehru’ socialist era any more. The desires and the wants of the consumers or buyers have drastically changed due to their ‘effective’ quick access to the best methods in products and services. HR recruitment has to take this reality into consideration while engaging existing or new manpower in an organization. The client companies should align with the capable recruiting agencies or consultants after removing the weeds from the existing panel of recruiters that is causing decay as a result of delay in realizing unmet expectations.

This book is a window to what is obvious but not acknowledged while recruiting by the hiring managers in most organizations. NIRMA is a well-known success story ( like the David and Goliath story)- Nirma washing powder displaced tall market-players, snatched away or created new markets for itself, even challenged the iconic leader in washing powder, Hindustan Lever Limited. All the three editors of this book belong to the NIRMA family holding senior positions in Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM) or the Institute of Management, Nirma university of science and technology.


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