Why not engage a Game Changer ?

During financial crisis or recession period, a leader in the HR department needs to think ‘Out of the box’ to sustain business or to maintain the existing momentum levels in the business operation, however small it may be. Consolidate what you have and take only incremental steps towards business growth ! Yes, it calls for clarity in thinking, immense self-motivation, developing ability to adapt to new market circumstances, retain patience to bear the present difficult times and actively look for a change of plan.

Periods of crisis are probably a good time – when fundamentally strong businesses emerge, survive and succeed. Successful companies usually have a strong leader with a clear sense of business direction and a sensitive mind while their business strategies and practices adapt to the changing world. The rise and the fall of businesses depends largely on the leadership driving upwards (or slowing down ) the business. Lets take an example – In the Office Automation Industry, Managed Printing Services (MPC) came into existence when owning high-priced capital expenditure assets like Photocopiers, Multi-functional printers became un-sustainable.

Earlier to that, same was the case with advent of ‘cost per copy’ as a unique selling point (advantage) to compete with other brands of Photocopiers while selling the product to difficult discerning buyers. Slowly, Multi-functional devices took birth to replace the stand alone photocopiers along with the rising concept of Photocopying centers delivering instant service at affordable costs. Now, the consumers/ users are moving into paperless office as a result of network faxing, instant email messages, easy cost-effective mobile telephony, and IP- EPABX or KTS systems that can transmit text, data, voice and video instantaneously. All this happened as a result of a necessity of cost-reduction and requirement of reliable data for effective decision-making at much faster speed than what is available. The same applies to the mushrooming huge shopping malls in the retail sector in India – they came up to bridge the demand-supply gap efficiently, quickly and for tapping the ‘impulsive’ purchase behavior of newer and younger Gen Y buyer segments by showcasing more products and services under one roof. The strategy is simple – Display or Show them more to entice them to buy more !!

Unfortunately, in recruitment space, we as an industry are still struggling to combat with the ‘market slow down’ as a result of continued world recession. Why ? Because there are no Game Changers here and recruiting is not happening as desired ! Definitely, temporary staffing cannot meet all the needs of any employment or the employers. ‘Generalist’ recruitment consultants are busy doing the routine assignments – i.e., finding a candidate within client’s budgeted costs ! But, I feel that there is a solution to this problem if you can be far-sighted and consciously engage a recruiter who is also a ‘capable’ business consultant. Such a recruitment consultant can empathize with you and offer total solutions aimed to retain or create the required profits to run an organization reasonably well.

At Rambuna consultants, it is not just about recruiting alone ; it is developing a business option that is workable and real. Personally, I want my client company to gain from my personal experience of two decades in Sales and Marketing that is spread across Niche segments in India and overseas I am catering to. I would like to offer remedial actions on time ; lessening losses and finding or building new profit lines. That’s what I refer to as Strategic HR consulting fueled by entrepreneurship skills and backed by valid related work experience.

Why not engage a Game Changer as a consultant for your recruiting needs ?


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