How to get back to work ?


As a recruitment consultant, I do not just fill up vacant job positions that are mandated to my firm ! At times, a prospective candidate calls me up to seek my advice, to find a solution to the problem he is facing in his job/ employment or his career. Or the call could be for ‘getting the right job or getting a better opportunity to build a sustainable career or to seek a better work environment for himself.’

Because I believe, people are quite shaken after losing a job ( well, it could be due to any reason ! ), they are uncertain about their future, frightened about their financial position, haunted by self-doubts – and under these circumstances, pursuing job search can be quite stressful to them.

In India, unfortunately till today, losing a job is perceived as a matter of shame. I do not think that is the right way to look at the situation. At times, people lose jobs due to reasons that are not linked to their capability or employ-ability. Just yesterday, I was talking to a very potential ‘well-qualified’ candidate from the field of institutional sales in the office automation industry. The job requirement is Institutional and/ or Industrial selling. After discussion, I realized that this shortlisted candidate has a family problem and is not able to work due to his family problem. Though he is a suitable ‘good’ candidate, he cannot take up a new job assignment now. He has chosen to be out of work. Period. I cannot consider him for the job opening with my client company. In another case, the candidate placed by me with a Japanese multinational in sales & marketing function, called me up to seek my advice about what should he do ? His company is in difficult times. His immediate superior has quit (or probably, was asked to quit !) and he is experiencing self-doubts as he could not accept the fact – ‘his well-performing boss has quit the job’. In case of another situation, one of the potential candidates shortlisted by my client company in the education sector, needed to be prodded by me to get back to work, to overcome the inertia set in her, as a result of her being jobless for long.

All the three situations causing self-doubt or lack of interest in the applicant’s mind to get ‘back to work’ – hinged on applicant’s lack of optimism. Family problems can be solved while being employed ; difficult market conditions can be overcome, or the inertia as a result of being jobless can be overcome too.

Daniel Goleman writes in his book ‘Working with Emotional Intelligence’: ‘a re-employment program teaches those attending the program – how to anticipate rejection and rehearse what they should tell themselves, when one is out of work. Anticipating such difficult moments and having a workable internal response lessens the emotional toll and speeds up the bounce-back time.’ Other capabilities the re-employment program strengthens are :

– Taking a change of perspective – to help job-seekers think like an employer, so that they understand the others’ point of view that resulted in his losing the job.
– Self-confidence – a crucial sense that one can succeed despite obstacles faced !
– Effective decision-making – to speed up the job search enabling you to get back to work much earlier !
– Emotional self-control – so that you work harder to get back to work !

Basically, we look at our ‘recruitment consultancy services’ as a tool to build careers of the job applicants. This approach is built on genuine concern for those who approach us through my firm, Rambuna Consultants. Passive candidates form a huge chunk of talent available in the job market. Do call us today and we will be glad to help you.

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2 thoughts on “How to get back to work ?

    • Thanks Gigi Wanders. Yes, it is Changing ! Now-a-days, Emotional Intelligence is gaining greater importance to succeed in relationships, business or personal growth ! In India, most of the progressive companies seek traits of public empathy and understanding among candidates while appointing managers. Keep visiting 🙂

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