How can HR be different to meet business goals ?

‘Strategic HR recruitment and Training’ is the need of the hour to develop a huge potential ’employee’ market such as India has. I agree with Ravi Venkatesan ( please note: how he spells out his perspective on the need of strategic HR services in this video ) – there is lot of lacunae that need to be filled up in the HR outlook. HR function should help in transformation of people, practices and altering its own legacy in methods. And the HR recruitment wing should have the ability to spot the right talent among its list of consultants impanelled with them. The very ‘factual’ approach of restricting the HR function to a bureaucratic monologue – ‘Can you please tell me which clients you are handling now? what is that you have done till now?’ may not break the ice all the time or each time with every consultant. Individual talent needs to be recognized to bet upon it and this talent should be used to meet the common or mutual benefit. Unfortunately, this is not happening at all. Most companies have a long list of recruitment consultants and I am not exactly sure whether the efficiency of each is evaluated at regular intervals. Many a times, a well-deserving consultant does not easily get a place for himself or herself on this ‘crowded’ panel.

This concept of – ‘We are not ready to hire this candidate (him or her)!’ is the most frequented hurdle in recruitment. Well, Get ready then! There is no need to be afraid whether a smart and capable recruit will quit the job, if you can really create a conducive working environment or develop the right training methods to retain him or her. Growth is continuous or it is a way of life. Growth cannot be or should not be restricted by barricades built around it. Organizational culture is also subject to change. It should be so in order to facilitate the growth of the company and the concerned individual. Chaos or Disorder is a higher level of order in its truest sense. One cannot avoid or ignore Chaos. Why not learn to embrace the Chaos? It is a good sign if there is Chaos because it is a valuable business opportunity in disguise.

Training is necessary to augment individual’s growth, to retain capable talent, to enthuse extra-ordinary achievers or to even regularize existing methods to ensure their implementation. It is really pathetic that we spend only about 1 % of wage bill on training, as rightly pointed out by Ravi Venkatesan in this interview video. Cost cannot supersede quality of training! But, that’s how it is especially in a price-sensitive market like India is. There is ample budget to build large recreation area with the latest sports equipment (that are not used on many occasions), but training takes a back-seat. Why ‘change management’ does not gain the equal importance as recreation does ?

In order to grow and take advantage of huge un-tapped potential ’employee’ markets in the rural, semi-urban and the exceedingly populated metropolitan cities – a right working environment is required which hinges on right recruitment and effective training of recruited manpower. Earlier this truth is realized, earlier the road to prosperity will be reached.


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