Dear Candidate, Why do you need a Recruiter like us ?


The ‘recruiter/ candidate’ relationship should be one of understanding ‘what the two of us can do for one another’. For every one job vacancy position being advertised, there are close to hundreds of candidates who are fighting for that same spot. And while you may think you are the perfect fit for that position, those other applicants have the same opinion. Although you may feel your resume is an ideal fit, it’s hard to tell the difference when it’s sitting right in the middle of a pile a mile long. You need someone to set you aside ; someone who puts you in front of that particular ‘interested’ hiring manager and says ‘Here is the right candidate for you!’ Having a recruiter who has direct access to that particular ‘interested’ hiring manager is the key to your success and effective career building !!

At Rambuna consultants, we know how to get the right job for you ! If you look at the following reasons, you will agree with us :

1. We have direct relationship with or continued access to the hiring manager – I spend sufficient time to understand what the hiring manager needs. Most of the time, the hiring managers are known to me, so much so that they trust my judgement. And I cannot let them down just like I cannot let you down. Necessarily, I do not look at the job description sheet alone. I also look at the cultural fit of the potential candidate and whether there can be a long term common business interest between the employee and the employer.

2. We are catering to Niche segments highlighting our functional expertise in Sales & Marketing – If you need an expert to help you in your job search, or finding the right job and getting the right ‘realistic’ compensation – you can rest assured by depending on us. Personally, I do not like to take a short-cut or close a job position in a hurry. I believe in being transparent with the candidate as well as the client company. Most of the time, this approach works to keep both my client company and the candidate happy.

3. We believe in being honest in our relationships – I am not particularly focused on one aspect of my business alone. Though our business growth is important, I do not need such growth which requires me to be dis-honest either with my client company or with the candidate. Relationships are critical and important ; they are long-term based and I land up developing long-lasting friendships with most of my ‘hiring managers’ or the candidates placed by us. You can count on me !

4. ‘Career Advice’ is necessary in building careers of those who trust us – I have always emphasized on this blog page about how often I spend good amount of my time in building careers of those who approach me. I understand well that they are in search of a better career opportunity or sometimes, a dream job. I am catering to niche segments where I have personally worked for nearly two decades in the same function I recruit for. I know the inside-out of the job requirements and I am quite aware what it takes to tick or to succeed in the job ? I can understand why it is important to get the right candidate to occupy the right job position. At times, I am quite up-front in being honest with my client company or the candidate. I am sure it is done with the utmost sincerity to help everyone involved in the process. Career advice is necessary in building careers or even finding the right candidates for my client company.

5. Preparing you for the interview – There are too many recruitment consultants handling too many client mandates. Most of them bite more than what they can really chew. I think it is necessary to be dedicated and passionate about whatever I do. I like to prepare each candidate of mine for the interview he or she will be attending. I do not shy away from offering a word of career advice to him or her, so that he/ she can see the career objective well ahead of time, much before the interview.

A candidate is equally important to me just like the client company is. Talk to us for ‘Mid-senior positions’ in Sales & Marketing. Call us today to discuss your profile/ career interests – – after mailing your CV in word format, along with current CTC details to :


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