Why ‘career planning’ is important in recruitment or in job search ?

career planning and recruitment

Career Management is the combination of structured planning and active managing of the choices available in one’s own professional career. The outcome of successful career management should include personal fulfillment, work/life balance, business goal achievement and financial security. The career management process begins with setting realistic goals or objectives. Yes, a relatively specific goal or a career objective must be formulated. This task may be quite difficult when the concerned individual lacks knowledge of career opportunities available and/or is not fully aware of his or her talent and innate abilities. One way to find out – is by utilizing career assessments that serve as a critical step in identifying opportunities and career paths that are most suited with the career-aspirant.

I am particularly excited and eager to deal with job applicants who are well-focused on their personal career goals and know what they want from their working life. Yes I agree, it becomes a challenging task to find the right job for them, but then, it also keeps me well satisfied with my efforts in recruiting. Besides my own satisfaction, there are other reasons to get the ‘Right candidate for the Right job’ ! Firstly, I insist on ensuring that the shortlisted candidate is really committed to avail the job opportunity made available to him. He should not be a Job-hopper, especially as a means of quick financial gain or career advancement.

Another aspect I stress upon is ‘easing off the load’ on the hiring manager in the selection process to find the right candidate. I feel, there is no need to share too many resumes that are not rightly screened by the recruitment consultant. Few resumes (sometimes, just 1 or 2) which meet the exact requirements of the job is enough. The hiring manager does not have the time to peruse through too many resumes or fill up his already busy day interviewing wrong candidates. The screening of job applicants is effective, if the recruitment consultant rightly knows about the industry/ discipline he is hiring for. Correct sourcing and screening is a rare art practiced by a capable recruitment consultant. I am sure that is why a consultant is needed in the first place, because of the valuable time and effort (of the hiring manager) saved by him.

At Rambuna Consultants, we cater our recruitment services to fill up Mid-senior level positions in Sales & Marketing for niche segments mentioned under :

– Office Equipment / Automation
– Consumer Durables / Electronics
– Education / Training
– Information Technology – Hardware / Software
– AV Solutions / Lighting Controls / Security Solutions / CCTV / Access Control
– EPABX Telecom / Mobile Phones (GSM Service providers)
– Retail / FMCG Sector / Media and Entertainment

We realize that you need a recruitment specialist to meet your requirements. Call us Today !


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