We believe in Performance-based hiring !


There is nothing more important to a client company’s success than hiring great performers in Sales & Marketing. When it comes to hiring, a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Every hiring manager wants to avoid costly mistakes in bringing the wrong people into their organization. A good way to avoid these mistakes is to hire people objectively based upon their prior accomplishments and successes through recruitment consultants who know their job well.

Companies will typically hire based upon a candidate’s having skills. Generally, the skills are years of experience, degree/ diploma, certifications, software or hardware experience etc. They become a ‘desired list’ of items the company feels a person needs to possess to be successful. These are skills the job-applicants have gained throughout their career and over a stretch of time. Do these skills guarantee a person will be successful ?

When an organization promotes someone internally, the predictability of future performance is usually very accurate. Why ? The company is dealing with a ‘known quantity.’ They know the employee’s having skills, but more importantly, they also know .. what they do with those skills, which is referred to as the ‘doing skills.’ They are specifically evaluating the internal candidate’s past performance – proven ability, drive, leadership, talent etc. when making an internal hiring decision.

Why not use the same criteria to evaluate and hire talent external to an organization ? The difference between traditional hiring and performance based hiring is the having of the required skills versus the application of those skills in the doing of activities. We believe in the latter i.e., performance-based hiring !

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