‘The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired – by Lou Adler’ – Book Review !


This book is written for everyone involved in the hiring process.

It will help hiring managers and recruiters find and hire more top-notch people for any job, from entry-level or middle-level to senior executive level. Using the Lou Adler initiated ‘two-question Performance-based Interview’, anyone who is involved in assessing candidates will quickly be more effective and more accurate. Just as important, it will also help job-seekers find better jobs by giving them an inside view of how most companies look for, assess and hire new employees. Hiring top talent starts by clarifying expectations up front. This has been shown to be the primary reason people perform at peak levels.

‘Performance-based Hiring’ is now used around the world in small or large organizations and companies or institutions. Instead of emotions, feelings and biases, evidence is used to assess competency and ‘fit’ within the organization. Rather than weed out people who don’t posses some arbitrary list of prerequisites, compelling career messages are used to excite and attract the best.

Performance-based Hiring can help companies find and hire the best talent available. Author Lou Adler comments in his book, ‘No matter which side of the hiring desk you are on, hiring the right person or getting the right job will increase satisfaction, performance and motivation. All it takes is a little common sense, which surprisingly seems in short abundance in the world of hiring.’


2 thoughts on “‘The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired – by Lou Adler’ – Book Review !

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