Is this the right time to quit your job ?

lou adler book

(The dark blue line represents the growth and learning curve of a person taking on a new role. If the job is a good one, there is significant learning and high satisfaction when just starting out. This is represented by the steep part of the curve on the left – Zone 1. If the job does not change much, growth and learning flattens, often at the cost of job satisfaction. This is represented by Zone 2 and the early part of Zone 3. Zone 4 represents declining job satisfaction, attributed to limited growth and learning. (Courtesy: Lou Adler’s latest book on – ‘The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired’ (Workbench, 2013), highlights on ‘performance-based’ hiring process – a methodology adopted by us to shortlist candidates for our client companies)

A good capable professional in Sales & Marketing is naturally concerned about planning his career and taking the right career decisions effectively on time. Playing it absolutely safe and not ever taking a chance to stretch yourself in your capabilities means that in 3-4 years you’ll be exactly the same person as you are today. This will send a signal to the recruitment consultants and hiring managers that you have saturated or plateaued. People who change jobs for the right reasons – to become better at what they do – tend to be stronger, more confident, willing to challenge the status quo, and take on new projects with their existing level of work experience. This is what building confidence and becoming a leader is all about. It happens by taking reasonable risks, not by avoiding them.

As a committed recruitment consultant, I consider myself to be an equal and responsible partner of the job applicants who approach me to build their careers. But, at the same time, I do not recommend excessive job hopping – since every decision or action of yours is consistently followed by corresponding outcome or effect. Naturally, it becomes important to work with an experienced recruitment consultant who knows about the industry/ discipline you are in and who can spend the required effort and time to help you make the right career decision. Call us today to discuss your career aspirations, so that we can build a good career opportunity for you.

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