Beyond Sales training: What actually works?


Is your sales manager training program generating the results you expect?

– We know that we have to consider the bigger picture beyond any sales training if we want to drive lasting change. The traditional model that includes preparing for training, conducting training, and then providing post-training support does not seem to be living up to expectations either. So, why is there a disconnect between sales manager training and results? Is the training model itself at fault or are there roadblocks hindering results?

What needs to be done prior to training?

– A common point of failure is delivering isolated, event-based training that is never integrated within a sales manager’s daily environment. If you notice .. when every training is piled on top of training done earlier .. with no consideration for how the skills will fit with a sales manager’s schedule, existing tools or daily responsibilities – then, new skills taught do not produce results.

Instead of expecting sales managers to work the new skill set into their already hectic world, please partner with sales managers .. prior to training .. to determine exactly how the new skill-set will integrate into their environment. Why will they use the skill taught? When will they use the skill taught? Where will the consequent behavior take place? How often, and with whom?

What needs to be done after the sales training is conducted?

– When it comes to post-training support you may find that initial adoption is good, but after a few months, it becomes spotty. Over the long-term, the status quo prevails. The effectiveness of training is directly dependent upon learned skill sets becoming ingrained habits.

It usually takes about three months for any behavior to become a habit. During this critical time period, sales managers will encounter trouble spots that threaten to derail the development of new habits, but reinforcement from second-line sales leadership can help them through these challenges. In fact, engaging second-line sales managers in coaching and accountability is often the most effective form of reinforcement.


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