Emotional competence matters in career development!

eq and sales

Daniel Goleman writes in his book on ‘Working with Emotional intelligence’ about the role of emotional competence in building a successful career of aspiring professionals in the field of Sales & Marketing.

I quote Daniel Goleman, “I am a hothead,” Sharmayne Williams, a financial advisor at the American Express’s Chicago Office, confides.”I was extremely emotional – I’d take everything to heart and react strongly. It badly affected my relationships with people in the office. If they did not see things my way, I would get mad. It was my way or no way. I could not see it from their perspective and I would not compromise.” The lack of emotional self-control worked against Williams. “It prevented me from moving up; it got in the way of making decisions,” she told me. ” If I was upset about something, I could not move on to the next project.”

Emotional competence or Emotional intelligence have become most commonly used words in today’s training environment. Today, there are ‘career counselling’ specialists who specialize in development of emotional competence among several bright sales professionals who are otherwise lacking in emotional quotient. Tailor made training schedules are being drafted to meet specific requirement of attending training participants. The participants are being programmed in their mind to meet the stringent requirements so as to succeed in challenging globalized market conditions.

One’s behavior plays a vital role in his career development. Your mind controls your behavior knowingly as well as unknowingly. Current generation in the job market are much smarter and are beginning to lead managed lives. Most of the tasks in sales achievement are team oriented and emotional quotient plays a critical role in leading a team or building a team or even to remain as part of the team. Then, you may ask me .. how do marketing mavericks survive or even succeed in such changed situations? A Maverick is an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. To be honest, A maverick leader does not achieve the group targets in the present times. Though there are exceptions to prove the general rule .. wherein we do find leaders, despite being a maverick, have inspired the team members to achieve unrealistic group goals. But, they are few and numbered.

Another staring reality makes emotional intelligence ever more crucial: As organizations shrink through waves of downsizing to be more effective several teams .. mid-level employees who are hot tempered or even too shy or lacking in communication cannot hide any more under the guise of group performance or group achievement. ‘Head count’ matters a lot in sales oriented organizations whether they are small or big in their size. Each salesperson is a profit center by himself and is expected to deliver as a result of his own merit and efforts. Now, competencies such as managing one’s emotions and moods have become very important in order to continue in the sales job. Most of the sales’ efforts have become largely team oriented and every member is expected to meet the cross-selling sales numbers besides individual targets.

While recruiting sales-force, especially for the mid-level sales positions, I insist on ’emotional competence’ as an important parameter to be necessarily considered. Similarly, during my training assignments that cover behavioral skills & development – more focus is laid upon the emotional quotient of participants.


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