The 4 Disciplines and Team Engagement!


From what I have read and understood from the book, ‘4 Disciplines of Execution’ – team engagement has played a major role in successfully meeting the WIGS ( Wildly important Goals) … though the WIGS were not necessarily about team morale or its engagement. In my earlier blog post too, I mentioned how human behavior will determine success in execution of the WIGS… (

Franklin Covey has built a worldwide reputation for helping to increase the personal effectiveness of individuals and teams, and with it, their morale and engagement. The concept of keeping a compelling scoreboard as one of the disciplines to attain success clearly illustrates ‘the results drive engagement just as engagement drives results’. This is particularly true when the team can see the direct impact their actions have on the results.

What does actually motivate an employee? Most people work for money and they quit for money. I know for sure that ‘achieving’ people are most satisfied in their jobs when they experience achievement. 4 Disciplines instills a sense of achievement in its players through keeping a compelling scoreboard as one of the disciplines.

I quote from the book ‘A motivating players’ scoreboard not only drives results but uses the visible power of progress to instill the mindset of winning’.


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